Sustainability Wall Video Party

Carlton Anthony Usher

Another highly engaged program designed by yours truly and executed by the most brilliant students the world has to offer. I was not surprised at the high level of interest in producing these short videos, nor was I surprised by the enthusiasm displayed while writing the research paper. Yes you read that correctly. Our sustainability scholars were so interested in the topic they almost forgot they were supposed to despise formal research using APA or MLA formats. The papers focused on a wide variety of sustainability topics and were well written products ascribing to the all the rules of research. The audio/visual portion of the project reflect a charge to the “digital natives” to produce a final project that every teacher, parent and student would be proud to witness. They more than met that challenge.!!!

Sustainability Research  Flow.jpg

This is how we did it…

Our first- year students produced research on various topics connected to sustainability. Once the research papers were graded and resubmitted, our students were charged with creating audio visual versions of the research.

Here are a few pictures from the Video Wall viewing party. We had a great time with some Pizza and Iced tea, a fun celebration for a job well done and a great semester. Scroll below to view a few of the projects.

Sustainability Video

It is a pleasure to share the fruits of unrelenting and dedicated work; a diversity of voices sharing their research on the development of a sustainable world .  If you were not able to celebrate with us at the Video Wall, our scholars give us permission to post their work for your edutainment. We could only post a few.

research topics

Reducing water waste: A macro view . Solar powered rocket: A sustainable future for Space exploration and sustainability . Saving scrappy: Solutions to endangered owls. Smart homes: the Internet of Things. Sustainable clothing. Sustainability and endangered animals. Sustainable Architecture. Sustainable manufacturing. Sustainable agriculture. Innovative and sustainable gardening. Sustainable solutions to hazardous waste. Unsafe water: Solutions and opportunities. Water bound contamination Wind energy and financial considerations. ENJOY !!!

Water-Bound Contamination in the Great Lakes

Kinetic Energy

Save the Owls

Smart Homes by Carissa

Sustainability and Endangered Species

Sustainability Clothing by Jennna

Fresh Water Conservation

Artificial Intelligence and the Environment