Professor Usher recently completed a seven-year run as chair and organizer of the American Democracy Project, a campus initiative designed to build a more engaged student citizenry. Dr. Usher also worked with the New York Times College Division developing a civic engagement web resource viewed by hundreds of campuses and administrators.  In the burgeoning field of student engagement, he has published  several peer reviewed journals and presented over 25 papers on student and community engagement.

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Recent Appointments

Carnegie Scholar for Civic Engagement

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Curriculum Diversity Fellow

University System of Georgia Governor’s Teaching Fellow

Diversity and Inclusion Fellow

USG’s Global Scholars Fellow

Community Based Learning Fellow

Diversity and Inclusion Sustainability Fellow

For Dr. Usher, engagement is not solely an intellectual enterprise. He partners with a variety of organization throughout the city to lead forums on voter empowerment, workshops on political participation, and community engagement awareness programming. Working partnerships include the Office of the Governor, The Supreme Court of Georgia, The Office of the Mayor, The Office of the Secretary of State, The Georgia House of Representatives, Cobb Elections, Amnesty International to name a few.