Professor Usher is a brilliant B-Boy intellectual from Brooklyn. Dr. Usher writes and lectures about Disco Fever, Latin Quarters, Harlem World and Tunnel because he is a sound historian and scholar but also because he was there!!!

Not only is he one of the first to write a doctoral dissertation on Hip Hop, he is among the first to teach courses on Hip Hop at three of the nation’s premier universities.  His groundbreaking course titled Planet Rock earned him teaching awards, global fellows appointments, and other accolades. Dr. Usher has written several books on that “ole boom bap” and lectures worldwide. Who delivers lectures titled “Elite Theory vs Low End Theory” and "College Drop In: Hip-Hop and the College Experience” and “Star Spangled Bang-er" ?

Professor Usher !

This 80s B-Boy's playground was Albee Square Mall as well as The Brooklyn Museum.  Professor, as he is affectionately known does not like the label hip hop scholar, he prefers to be called a scholar who is Hip Hop.

Either way, he is both.


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Professor Usher is also author of the ground breaking A Rhyme is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Hip Hop in search of a Political Philosophy is a generally regarded as a pioneer of hip hop scholarship and political philosophy.

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Skilled in the trade of that ole boom bap

Usher, along with hip hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy, world renowned photographer Jamel Shabazz, and Jeff Chang coauthored the critically acclaimed book titled Back In The Days: The Remix.


Dr. Usher does in fact “have a doctorate in cold rocking it”. Recent lectures by Dr. Carlton Usher on Hip Hop.

Historiography and Hip Hop: Hip Hop is Art and Propaganda.

This lecture focuses on the need for a new interpretative history; a reexamination of herstory. Using reflective narratives from The Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement we interrogate the functional utility of “art for art sake” and “art as political.”



Reel 2 Real

Here we address how trends such as urban radio content filtering, anti-intellectualism, and didactic nihilism are impediments to civic and social responsibility. Strategies to counter the "dumbing" down of Hip Hop America are central focus of this lecture.

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Hip Hop and Political Philosophy:

This lecture is designed to aid participants in the development a sound political philosophy. There is a epistemological vacuum in hip hop’s core philosophy.

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Hip Hop and Masculinity

Using Hip Hop pedagogy, we investigate black masculinity, gender, sex and the rise of multiple identities. These inquiries allow us to examine masculinity as empowering, as duplicitous, at times counteractive, but often prescriptive. Nihilism and anti-intellectualism within the spectrum of American life is a also focus.


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Man, God, and Civilization:

This lecture examines Hip Hop and religion and Hip Hop as religion. We examine the God ideal within Hip Hop. Here we counter the hypothesis that spirituality in Hip Hop is symbolic and empty. To the contrary, we detail the rich tapestry of the intersectionality of religion and the hip hop.

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East Coast, West Coast ,Worldwide

This is an examination of the global contributions to Hip Hop culture. The global impact of Hip Hop in the world community is explored. We interrogate the values exported globally, imported locally, and as indigenous creations.