Carlton Usher's teaching history

Carlton’s Lecture

Carlton’s Lecture

Carlton Anthony Usher is a dynamic educator. He has an extensive teaching and learning history spanning twenty years across several disciples. Dr. Usher is trained in several academic disciplines and having earned a B.S. in Business, a M.A. in History and a PhD in Political Science teaches courses in Global Studies, History, Political Science, First-Year Experience and American Studies.

He is currently Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of First-Year and Transition Studies at Kennesaw State University. A sample of his teaching history is listed below.

First Year Seminars

 KSU 1111        Tomorrow’s World Today: Global Challenges ( 5 years)

KSU 1101        Election 2008: If Elected I promise (1 year)

KSU 1101        Future Leadership (1 year)

KSU 1101        Leaders of the Future (1year)

KSU 1101        African American Male Initiative (2 years)

KSU 1101        Celebrating World Cultures (2 years)                                        

KSU 1101        Great Speeches of the 20th Century (2 years)

KSU 1101        Religious Diversity (1 year)


Government and Politics

KSU 1101          Public Policy in a Time of Immigration (1 year)

KSU 1101          Creating a Global Citizen (2 years)

KSU 1101          Exploring Global Cultures (1 year)

POLS 1101        American Government, (4 years)

POLS 1101        Introduction to Political Science (3 years)

POLS 2000      Politics and Global Issues (4 years)                   

POLS 2290      Comparative Politics (3 years)


United States and World History

AAD 3335    African American History (1 year)

HIS 111           African Diaspora and the World (3 years)

HIS 2111         Survey of American History (4 years)

HIS 206        World Civilization: Topical Approaches (4 years)

HIS 201          World History (3 years)

HIS 202         U.S., Africa, and the World (3 years)

HIS 300         United States History prior 1865 (2 years)

HIS 301          United States History since 1865 (3 years)

HIS 319          African American History prior to 1865 (4 years)

HIS 320         African American History since 1865 (4 years)

HIS 4200      The Black Intellectual Tradition (1 year)

HIS 4400      Women’s History Reconsidered (1 year)

HIP HOP scholarship

KSU 1101         Hip Hop America, I and II (2 years)

AAD 3200       Planet Rock: A Global Hip Hop Remix (1 year)

AAS 210           Hip Hop Aesthetics (1 year)

HIS 4000         Hip Hop: If I Ruled the World (1 year)